Food and Beverage Program

1. Food and Beverage Knowledge The food and beverage service is looked as a means of achieving satisfaction and making yourself feel comfortable in today’s world. The main objectives of this service are. a) To satisfy the following needs; * Physiological − The need to taste different varieties of food. * Economical − The need to get F&B Services at the invested cost. * Social − The need to find friendly atmosphere. * Psychological − The need to elevate self-esteem. b) To provide high quality food and beverages. c) To provide friendly and welcoming atmosphere. d) To provide professional, hygienic, and attentive service. e) To impart value for money. f) To retain the existing customers and to bring in new ones. 2. Food Service Technique Services of food & beverage in the Food and Beverage Operations can be carried out many ways. But during the method of service, certain factors have to be kept in mind which is as follows: a) The type of establishment b) Time available for the meal c) Turnover of customers expected d) The cost of meal served e) Site of the establishment